Antique Japanese Ranma Flying Cranes / Pine Transom #1431425

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An antique Japanese Ranma (transom) made of Akita Sugi (northern Japan Cryptomeria) and Hinoki (Cypress) woods. The frame was finished in a black Urushi lacquer while the design was hand carved in relief on both sides. It depicts a scene of a male and female flying crane (each symbolizing 1,000 years of long life and together symbolizing a harmonious partnership) gliding through a forest of gnarly pine trees (symbolizing longevity).

Traditionally the Ranma was used above the sliding Fusuma doors between Japanese rooms to allow air to circulate through the house. Present day function includes using it as a headboard at the front of a bed or hanging from a ceiling or rafters to allow a visual delineation of space to be enjoyed from both sides.

Dimensions: 71 3/4" Wide by 14 1/2" High